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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  July 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: now, "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: right now at 4:00, a heat advisory in place for many of us as some of the hottest air of the year settles in. michelle: dangerous heat. at times feeling like triple digits outside. this is the hottest day of the year. leon: with that, everybody is being urged to stay hydrate and limit your time outdoors if you can. thanks, everybody, for joining us at "abc7 news at abc7. we hope you the a.c. or the fan on today. michelle: you need it today. this is the midst of another scorcher. it's that time of year. we have team coverage for you. alison: chief meteorologist doug hill has an eye on when we'll catch and break and storm chances today. kevin lewis is covering how some of the most vulnerable is dealing with the heat. let's start with doug. doug: the reason it's the hottest day of the year, june 11 hit 96 at reagan national. right now it's
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the dew point, is the true measure of the temperatures so it's feeling much warmer. this is the metro and well beyond under heat advisory until 8:00 this evening. temperatures, air temperatures on the thermometer, 97 in leesburg. 93 in manassas. 95 in baltimore. the critical observation is the feels like temperature. when you combine the temperature and the dew point. right now it feels like 105 in the city and in leesburg it feels like 106 degrees in fredericksburg. the only thing that can cool us off is a shower. if you are dining outside it's uncomfortably hot and humid until later this evening. cooling rain, well south. prince william county, fredericksburg and spotsylvania, a chance of showers. we will let you know if there are more opportunities locally. one place we could use some rain, all the folks dealing with it in silver springs. that's where we find abc7's kevin lewis. at least you're near a fountain, kevin.
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the heat is oppressive today. i have gone through two of these full of water. most days i only get through one of these. you can't go in the water but being near it provides sense of relief. children and the elderly most susceptible to the brutal temps. it was on code red today. a big undertaking with 1,100 children and 200 staff members. but everyone seemed to be having fun. if you were stuck in the office today. consider yourself lucky. we ran into a construction crew doing repair work in a parking lot. stay hydrated is their advice to prevent heat exhaustion. a number of schools weren't that crowded but
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nice reprieve if you went. we spoke to a woman with her 4-year-old. >> i don't have to worry about her getting sun burn or anything. did you sweat today? >> yeah. >> it's a massive safety issue for the kids. you don't want the kids dehydrated or exposed to too much sunlight. it's not really necessary. kevin: so far there really aren't that many cancellations due to the heat. there are a number of cooling centers open throughout the metro area. we have a full list on the website. just go to live in silver spring, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: thank you. stay with doug hill and the stormwatch7 team on the go. we are updating on all platforms. you can get realtime local forecasts no matter where you are with the stormwatch7 available on google play and the app store. alison: developing n
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stepped on in central park on july 3 that caused him to lose part of his leg. scott taylor is following the developments. scott: every time we hear more about this, it gets scarier. officials are saying connor golden stepped on a homemade explosive, it wasn't some type of fireworks. i'm sure you remember the university of miami freshman lost his foot in the blast. it turns out that golden stepped on an explosive that has been used in terror attacks for decades. it was a shopping bag that was pressure sensitive. he stepped on it and it triggered the explosion. it's filled with chemicals you can find in your own home. terrorists in paris used it and shoe bomber richard reid. they traced the source of a bag to a bakery in jersey that is now closed but so far they haven't made an arrest. officials believe someone was testing how to make tapp
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they didn't find fuse or ball bearing in the explosive which would suggest a terrorist plot. leon: thank you, scott. this afternoon, the race for the white house we are seeing and hearing multiple reports that referee republican presidential nominee is going to name indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. however, the trump campaign not ready to confirm it yet. what we know is trump posted to twitter he would have an announcement ready at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. he did not say who the pick is, though. our chief political correspondent scott thuman joins us from the capitol hill bureau. give us a breakdown on this. scott: this is as you pointed out a lot of speculation and chatter. the "indianapolis star" was the first to report it. governor mike pence is from indiana. they would seem to possibly have an inside track on this reporting and they are going with it at this hour. as well as networks. the rest are making for donald trump to make it offial
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anything until it happens or comes from his mouth. he will make the announcement tomorrow at 11:00. if it is mike pence there are a few factors involved here. one, his experience. pence was member of the house on the republican side for six terms. that is 12 years representing indiana. in that time, he built up a base of allies and friends. especially among the real conservatives. that is the other factor. a true conservative a lot of people call him to give him religious, social conservative. may be able to bring a lot of people from the base who are concerned that maybe trump isn't their man, he doesn't reflect all of the values that they desire in a candidate. the third thing is even though those are the pros in his column if you are looking if he is the nominee on the vice presidential part of the ticket. the con would be some say that he has had disagreements with donald trump. as love last december he treated ou
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muslims would be offensive and unconstitutional. that is in direct opposition from what we have heard from donald trump consistently for six months now. they have also had disagree ment over the transpacific partnership trade program. controversial trade program. pence is in favor of it. trump is against it. there would be sorted out to do. we will talk more about mike pence and who he is and if it looks like he may be the top three of the veepe-stakes at this hour coming up at 5:00. leon: it occurs to me he also endorsed ted cruz if i'm not mistaken. scott: you are right. he supported ted cruz when they campaigned in the primary process in indiana. but he has warmed up quite a bit to donald trump. really seemed to be not just auditioning for the job but asking for it in the past couple of weeks. leon: it may pay off for him. by this time tomorrow we'll know for sure. scott: we should.
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scott thuman on capitol hill. the ruth bader ginsberg-donald trump feud appears to come to an end. the supreme court justice issued apology for comments today after refusing to back down from the criticism of the presidential candidate. ginsberg said, "my recent remarks were ill-advised and regret making them. judges should not comment on candidates looking for public office. i will be more circumspect in the future." and scott thuman will be at the convention on monday and have reports and nightly specials on the sister station newschannel8 at 7:00 next week. michelle? michelle: let's revisit the veep stakes. right now french democratic nominee hillary clinton is campaigning. alison: joining us to a face here, tim k
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jeff goldberg is in annandale. i guess she is hoping kaine could deliver a swing state for her? jeff: this is a possibility. he is popular senator, popular former governor and popular former mayor. moments ago, all the things you expect a number two to do, attacking donald trump and pumping up hillary clinton and speaking in spanish. which would broaden his appeal with latino voters that are crate call in this race -- that are critical in the race. let's take a quick listen. >> i saw this back years ago when i was teaching at the university of arkansas. i met a lot of students who scraped together the money they needed for tuition but then something happened. there was a sickestness in the family. the car they
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forth broke down, the child care arrangements collapsed. they couldn't go on. so we started something called the arkansas single parent scholarship fund. we have now provided emergency funding for more than 35,000 students to be able to stay in school, graduate from school. jeff: at the moment talking about the small business issues. talking about equal pay for women. talking about education. attacking donald trump, too. do you want a trash talker or bridge builder? hired president or you're fired president? the crowd loved the lines. donald trump had something to say about hillary clinton's campaigning here in virginia. we'll tell you what they had to say and
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from tim kaine and hillary clinton at the event that has drown thousands of supporters at 5:00. michigan thank you. the man who shot two prince george's county firefighter in april killing one of them has been charged. darrell lumpkin has been indicted on six counts of weapons charges. firefighters john ulmschneider and kevin swain entered lumpkin's home responding to a welfare call but lumpkin thought they were intruders and shot them. but because of his assault convicted in 1980, lumpkin is banned from owning weapons. he will be charged with murder. >> we rely as always as the law to tell us what is fair based on the facts. we said from the beginning we would consider the facts and apply the law to the facts. that's what we've done. michelle: lumpkin faces up to 45 years behind bars. leon: up next at 4:00 -- the mistake virginia state make regarding an amber alert. ali
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woman fights back after being attacked at a metro. we will show you the video that helped authorities catch the suspect. michigan it's now in the -- michelle: it's now in the hand of a judge. the decision in the hands of a judge for the high stearaging officer charged with the death of freddie gray. >> president obama about to leave a town hall meeting. we'll tell you what it's about next on abc7 news.
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leon: a procession including a horse-drawn carriage held for philando castile, a man killed in a traffic stop last week. today a chance for family and friends come to say their final cowboys and honor -- final goodbye and honor castile. his death spurred national protest and debate over the police use of force and race relation. michelle: closing arguments today in the trial of the fourth baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. lieutenant brian rice is charged with manslaughter. the highest ranking officer charged in gray's death. his fate will be decided by a judge. the verdict coming monday morning at 10:00. alison: we know cases like that and many others sparked a national conversation about race relations and community
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policing. michelle: the discussion coming back to the forefront after two deadly police shootings an the ambush in dallas. leon: today, that issue addressed by president obama in a town hall that airs tonight moderated by "world news tonight" anchor david muir. it starts at 8:00. now go to d.c. bureau chief sam ford with a preview. sam? sam: well, leon, we are outside of the studio theater at 14th. the crowds are here to get a grimes. -- a glimpse of president obama. he arrived two hours ago. abc is calling this "the president and the people: a national conversation." this comes in the wake of deadly violence in baton rouge, minnesota, dallas. focus on relations between police and black people. >> i was scared to that, seeing that. i thought
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sam: among those lined up to participate, toya graham, the mother from baltimore who saw his son rioting and ordered him home. >> when i seen what happened to those two guys i was angry, as a mother. to know that this could happen to my son. >> also in line a number of retired police officers from a number of departments. >> not one of us in my profession, i have been in the profession for 30 years puts on the and gun badge and says i'm going to kill somebody today. nobody does that. nobody does that. we want to do our job and enforce laws as they are written. sam: david muir is the host and president obama and guests will discuss concerns. some participating question the effectiveness. >> instead of a dialogue, it tends to evolve to finger-pointing monologue. that is not constructive, because it deepens
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problem. sam: it's set to air tonight at 8:00. in fact, the president and the people will air tonight at 8:00 on abc7. we will have more on the story coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" and 6:00. reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. moving on now. copeland will be a disney star. she is be dancing "nutcracker" in movie. she broke the news by posting a picture of the script to the instagram account. she has been lauded for breaking down barriers as an african-american dancer. she became the first black woman to the american ballet principal to become the first principal dancer. that is exciting. leon: it is. she is amazing. alison: she is going to have a show at wolf trap for a couple of days this su
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i think it's this weekend. which is fantastic. leon: hopefully the weather is nicer than it is right now. get to that later. michelle: such an inspiration. check in now with jamie sullivan for a look it at traffic. jamie: there are two issues. but i want to begin with the lowest traffic on the outer loop. see it from the interchange to continue to the wilson bridge. that is where you get relief. 29 miles per hour. it doesn't sound like relief. but when you travel in the teens and the single digits here it is going to be helpful. outbound 295 heading to national harbor. jammed from the 11th street bridge. we are seeing slow traffic heading outbound on 66. a crash near 123. it will take you under 30 minutes as you start near the capital beltway, continuing to the fairfax county parkway. here is a live look at this accident activity. this is over on the right shoulder. we have all of our lanes getting by. everybody approaches the
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want to look over and see what is going on. that is why we are seeing the heavy traffic. interloop is heavy as well but no crashes to report there. that is a look at traffic. alison: thank you very much. well, if you are in the pokémon go craze, most people seem to be, this is interesting. a huge event tonight down on the national mall. so the national park service is going to be debuting the first ranger-led pokémon hunt. participants will join park ranger for exploration of the national malls hunting for pokémon. the event starts at 7:00 p.m. leon: by then it might be meltemon. alison: that is cool is they are capitalizing on this and learn more about what the city has to offer. michelle: stay away from the protected -- you know, remember we did a story of people going into fountains and places they shouldn't go. doug:
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make sure of that. heat is the big story today. 97 degrees is nothing to sneeze at. that is why you have the heat advisory until 8:00 tonight. even at 8:00 tonight it will be hot and humid. here are the numbers as we have them. looking out across the cool waters of the potomac river. 97 at reagan national. southwesterly breeze that won't cool you off. not with the blowing air with dew point of 71. it's muggy. ultra muggy to be truthful about it. it feels like 106 in fredericksburg. 105 in leesburg. and in the district. 102 in annapolis. 99 in frederick. 96 in winchester. if you are hitting the pool, a perfect night for swimming. we will keep the ears open for thunder from the approaching storms. best chance of that is south of metro washington. 91 at 7:00 p.m.
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are in the 90's at 9:00 p.m. thunderstorms southwest of fredericksburg. downpour along 81 to go from stafford to bridge george's county. we keep the isolated showers and the storms in the forecast through the evening. here is one. it will move across the river to charles county before long. the seven-day forecast calls for another hot day tomorrow. 94. a chance of a thunderstorm especially south of the city tomorrow. better chance will back off the heat on saturday. 88. sunny and dry and 90 on sunday. 94 on monday. typical summer stuff early next week. 4:00 thursday. you know what that means? michelle: trivia. doug: the question today. when was the last time the actual air temperature reached 100 fahrenheit or higher in the district? july 26, 2012? august 13, 2013? august 3, 2014? of course our weather drone will be flying ten feet above your head to make sure you don't look u
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we have monitoring back there. we watch you with the drones all the time. alison: spying on us. thank you. still ahead at 4:00 on abc7 news -- we will tell you what a a.a.a. survey found about road rage in the united states. how many of us admitted to getting angry behind the wheel. that is coming up. alison: still ahead at 4:30 -- why residents were left in the dark about an amber alert yesterday. the child was found safe but the surprising reason people didn't get immediate text notifications sent to their phone. that's ahead.
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horace: i'm horace holmes live in the "7 on your side" help center. the phone bank today, the topic is, well, ask the mechanics. these folks from a.a.a. midatlantic here. they are all me canks to answer -- mechanics to answer questions and your car. this time of the year there is a chance of it overheating or you have mechanical problems with your car or problems purchasing a car, give them a call. call 703-236-9220. we will be here live until 6:30. give us a call. alison: you want to make
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michelle: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a murder on independence day. family members of the victims speaking out saying she was targeted. the explanation as the investigation continues coming up. >> an amber alert goes out in virginia but two towns know nothing about it. we'll explain why in a live report coming up. leon: one last look at the weather trivia question of the day before we get the answer. doug is back with that and the forecast after this.
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"are you okay?" "yeah, i just got charged for my credit monitoring. that's how i know it"s working." "ah. you know you can go on and check it out there. it's completely free." "really?" "yeah" "oh, that didn't hurt at all." "yeah, completely painless." "credit karma. give yourself some credit."
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. leon: all right. doug is back with the forecast and the trivia answer. doug: the question again. take a look -- alison: i'm going to say august 3, 2014. but leon was confident. leon: that's the date i'm going with. alison: good. michelle: i think it's july 26, 2012. doug: let's look at the map.
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2012. michelle: i remember that year was hot. doug: that month we had seven times that it hit 100 degrees or higher. it wound up being the second warmest july on record. unfortunately our prize budget is gone. the money was gone by the end of january. congratulations. let's talk about what is coming next here. any relief? a little bit. the weekend is better. upper 80's to near 90. that is an improvement. it's summertime. it's july in washington. we won't have cool stretches. best we can hope for is dry stretches. this is the potomac river. not much of a ripple along the river. we have a heat advisory in effect until 8:00 tonight. excessive heat warning in the valley. we're not that extreme but close to it with te
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-- upper 90's. showers crossing the river to charles county. do a zoom in here. no lightning detected with these strikes. tomorrow we are back to 94. maybe isolated south of town. 30% chance of showers on saturday. 88. dry sunny sunday. 90 degrees. 94 on monday. next chance of storms are tuesday of next week. leon? leon: all right. look at the "7 on your side" help center now. it's open. we have volunteers from a.a.a. midatlantic. they are here for the ask the mechanic phone bank. if you have any question about your car, give them a call. call them at 703-236-9220. they will be here through 6:30 tonight. the number is 703-236-9220. alison: it was just 24 hours ago we were telling you a
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6-week-old little girl and her mother. michelle: an amber alert was issued when it was clear they were missing. thankfully the two were found. nobody was hurt. leon: questions surrounded the search. if you were in alexandria, many people didn't get the text. the question is why? richard reeve has what we learned. what went wrong? richard: as you say, folks in alexandria and arlington did not get the notification. we have learned that is because a virginia state police sergeant simply left it off the notification list. this comes a day after that urgent search for the mother and daughter. flora and her 6-week-old daughter liz. authorities are scrambling to get information out, the notification out. the sergeant left the two towns off
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the national center for missing and exploited children normally alerts a data distributor and they send the list to wireless carriers and media. inside the national center nobody knew about it until they got an outside text alert from somebody else. it didn't fox on some phones for an hour after that initial alert. people coordinating all of this say there is room for improve. >> one will get the text immediately or another gets it four or five minutes later or even later. that's the different systems and the tower it bounces off of. that's just the nature of the system itself. richard: flora is in jail and will be extradited to fairfax. we are told her daughter is being kept save by authorities. coming up at 5:00, a moment-by-moment timeline. what happened, what went right and what went wrong with the amber alert. in alexandria, richard reeve, abc7
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michelle: thank you. a man is in custody after trying to take a picture up another's skirt. you see the man mario revelo with his cell phone out allegedly snapping pictures of the woman in front of him. when he is confronted by the woman he throws his phone in an attempt to break it. other riders come rushing to the woman's aid and prevented the man from leaving until the police arrived. revelo is being held without bond. leon: a man known to love fixing cars died doing just that. the 51-year-old was killed while working beneath a car when the jack that was holding up the vehicle failed. this happened in northwest washington on kansas avenue. police say the man was last seen last night around 11:00 and wasn't found until 5:00 this morning. it's not clear when the car crushed him. alison: we have new developments in a july 4th murder. d.c. police are confirming that victim was a transgendered woman.
4:36 pm
she was targeted. this is 200 block of division street early in the morning. cheryl conner spoke with the victim's aunt. cheryl: she is known as deeninqua. gregory dodds identified and dressed as a woman. now her aunt is afraid her lifestyle may have contributed to her killing. >> i honestly think so. cause lately they have been targeting transgender. cheryl: the family got the news she died at the hospital wednesday after she was shot around 3:00 in the morning on the 4th of july. joanne lewis said she had cement burns on her body. >> a lot up under the eye here, the nose. some of her back. cheryl: she was shot on division avenue a few blocks from where she lived. police were not able to talk to her, so they have no indication if it was a hate crime. >> it was no reason, no excuse. cheryl: ve
4:37 pm
next to d.d. >> i will miss her. cheryl: she told us she was making money as a prostitute but doesn't know if she was working when she was killed. >> she will tell you she is a real man. cheryl: while they try to find the suspect and the motive, family and friends are planning a vigil for saturday. >> whoever did this, i hope their conscience eats them up. she did not deserve this. cheryl: northeast d.c., cheryl conner, abc7 news. leon: if you think the roads are littered with aggressive drivers, a.a.a. agrees with you. the study finds 80% of drivers expressed anger behind the wheel. 8 million drivers have been involved in extreme road rage like ramming another car. a.a.a. is urging drivers to not respond to road rage and call 911 if needed. alison: we want to show you
4:38 pm
typo. a pretty big one. probably making transportation officials angry. it's supposed to say syracuse. but instead the sign directing reads s-r-y-a-c-u-s-e. it's 23409 -- it's not clear when the sign went up. the state transportation officials are looking into the misspelling which reportedly now been addressed. leon: you have to sneeze when you say it. michelle: a big oops there. still ahead for us on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the fifth annual kids state dinner at the white house. the pint-size chefs invited and some of the recipes coming up. leon: but first, taking you along to the journey of the big leagues in the trip of a lifetime. the trade that turned brandon barker's world
4:39 pm
how his teammates are helping him make the most of a new opportunity to influence a pennant race coming up. alison: new at 5:00, minding your money. "7 on your side" with a look at whether springing for the extra money on organic food is really worth
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leon: the road to the s
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journey through small towns and small parks and includes a lot of late night bus rides. the life of a minor leaguer not glamorous at all. a trade can shake up their world. newcomer brandon barker just got his world shaken and he is using the new home in the o's opportunity as an opportunity to stand out. erin hawksworth has this week's team player. >> i was supposed to pitch that night. i was sitting in the clubhouse in mobile, alabama. pitching coach told me to come in the office. erin: life as a minor league pitcher isn't always easy. >> i was dumbstruck. staring at him like whatever you say. like is this happening? not a bad thing but i'm shocked. erin: orioles pitching prospect brandon barker recalls the day he was traded from the braves organization to the bowie bay sox. >> bowie, maryland, is
4:43 pm
mississippi. erin: but brandon says the teammates are welcoming. >> they're friendly. easy to get along with everyone on the team. no one you can't talk to. especially since barker joined the baysox in late may is 4.3 with 2.3 -- 4-3 be 2.30 e.r.a. knowing they needed pitching how motivating is it? >> i didn't know anything until i got here. i got traded to the orioles so it's time to look into stuff. braves were rebuilding. the orioles are a good team and everything but it's cool to see how they do need pitching. a great organization to be part of right now. erin: this starting pitcher knows he is in a better situation now and plans to make the most of it. with the team player, i'm erin hawksworth. michelle: all right. some animal shelters are desperate for volunteers. one in india
4:44 pm
the millennials. >> it's a great way to reach out to them and get the exercise they need. michelle: this has to do with pokémon go. how they are erecruiting volunteers to pick up a leash, next. leon: plus young chef got a taste of the white house. we will take you inside that coming up. look now at the "7 on your side" help center. volunteers today from a.a.a. midatlantic. you can ask the mechanic. give them a call at 703-236-9220. they will be there through 6:30 tonight. 703-236-9220.
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis... vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were... no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can... lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor about... all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing behaviors. a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here...
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it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor about trumenba. michelle: the cost of borrowing to buy a home is historically low. the 30-year average for a fixed rate mortgage still well below 3.5% according to freddie mac. this is direct response to the brexit trying to keep the housing
4:48 pm
leon: delta is going to have flights from u.k. to u.s. there are number of flights are going to shift the supply to bring them back where the airlines are not afraid to lose the revenue. michelle: for your daily dose of pokémon go, if you are looking to multitask while playing the game. they have the animal shelter that is asking for volunteers to walk adoptable dogs while they play the game. the shelter put the call out tuesday with a facebook post and they got 13,000 shares in 24 hours. >> a healthy dog is an adoptable dog. provides them with socialization with people. fantastic way to combine the game and walk the dogs. michelle: since the announcement went out on facebook shelter workers had
4:49 pm
keep up with the demand. all right. some young chefs. leon: young chefs we talked about earlier got a taste of the white house this afternoon in part of the kid's state dinner. amy aubert takes us inside the white house for the meals created by the mini chefs themselves. >> time to eat! amy: bright eyed and full tummied the 56 kids got a taste of fine dining at the white house at a special kids state dinner. >> i was so excited. and i am going to meet michelle obama. amy: they represented every state, five territories and the district of columbia, each submitting a winning recipe. >> when we had the recipe, it was an experiment. amy: each table decked out in the garden theme. the event is an effort to promote healthy cooking and eating. >> i was 3 years old i
4:50 pm
that eating healthy was throwing a party for your belly. thank you for allowing us all to have a party in our belly today. amy: packed with good eats from the kids cook books. a meal enjoyed by special guests like rachel ray. >> you had to use something from your state. amy: this is part of the first lady let's move initiative, encouraging these kids and others to put on the chef hat and get creative. >> sometimes if you put yourself out there, great things will happen. amy: much of the fruits and vegetable provided for the meal grown at the white house kitchen garden. at the white house, amy aubert, abc7 news. leon: i'd like to see maybe 15 years years from now many of the kids go on to work in or have or own their own restaurants. michelle: that would be a great followup. for sure. they are impressive at the age they are
4:51 pm
i was eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich at their age. doug: it's going to get cooler over the weekend. let's start with the big numbers outside now. this is what it feels like across the region. the numbers wow! 107. the current heat index or feels like number at godfrey airport in leesburg. 99 in manassas. 105 at reagan. 102 in annapolis. 101 at andrew air force base. fredericksburg 103 as we speak. the citi open this weekend qualifying rounds start at 10:00 a.m. the weekend forecast numbers are lower. humidity moderate. not dry. 30% chance of the showers and the thunder in the afternoon. sunday is dry. maybe a stray storm south of the metro area. 5k at the rockville rotary saturday at 7:30. that is a good time. the temperatures will cool off. isolated shower or storm cannot be ruled out. the weekend at the beaches is
4:52 pm
sunshine, 90 tomorrow. mid-80's on saturday and sunday. sunday should be fine. we finish up with the seven-day outlook to show the heat at 94 tomorrow. 88 on saturday. 90 on sunday. 94 on monday. it will cool off next week to get back to a more typical summer pattern. there a typical thursday early rush? jamie: it's typical every day. it's slow. we are seeing it in virginia. beltway, outer loop. okay through annandale to springfield and alexandria that you get a good idea of how slow we are. once you cross the wilson bridge, you get back up in the 30's. not too bad. 395 heavy leaving the district passing by the pentagon at 16 miles per hour. we are okay on the g.w. parkway. in the district, traffic lights flashing at the intersections. vermont, elk street. and martin luther ki
4:53 pm
as a four-way stop. we had an early accident near 123 but it's gone. but you are only averaging in the teens. inner loop and outer loop, we have an accident at bradry boulevard. near river road. this gives you an idea of the inner loop and the outer loop and how heavy it is. be careful. make sure you have the a.c. cranked up this afternoon. we'll have more c
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michelle: welcome back. "7 on your side" phone bank ask the mechanic is open for your car questions now. we have vol tooners from a.a.a. -- volunteers from a.a.a. midatlantic to take your calls. call 703-236-9220. they will be here through 6:30. again, 703-236-9220. anti-immigration and terrorism has driven some countries to literally wall themselves off from the neighbors. over a dozen countries sealed the borders last year. with the united kingdom recent decision to leave the european union some immigration experts see no end to continued trend of the countries finding ways to keep unwanted people out. here is national correspondent jeff barnd. [chanting] jeff: we don't have to look beyond the own
4:57 pm
the patience sometimes wears thin over immigration. a safety net is no more. for millions of people living illegally state side. after the u.s. supreme court recently blocked president barack obama's executive action on immigration. tossing possibly more fuel on an anti-immigration populist movement sweeping across europe. >> some the backlash we have seen against open borders is driven by a fear of people different from you. there are a number of people who feel that the current globalized world hasn't worked for them. >> fears over terrorism. now a mass exodus from war-torn syria accelerated movement to closed borders. >> we see more people on the move in any given day than anything in history. >> wars and persecution drove 65 million people out of their homes in 2015.
4:58 pm
erecting fences and using drones to control migration started after the fall of the berlin wall in 1989. since 9/11, more than 30 countries closed port of entry. the number balloons to 40. that count starts in the 1980's. >> if you regulate the borders too aggressively, you drive people in the economy. >> the foreign minister of austria lamented europe has lost control of the borders. immigration expert dan stein reflecting on history, it has not been kind to countries with borders run amok. >> there is nothing more detrimental to a democracy than ineffective leadership on the borders. something creates fear on a pop his than the sense that the border is out of control. jeff: i'm jeff barnd, abc7 news. leon: tonight. local university police respond to chargeses of excessive force at a graduation party with an admission.
4:59 pm
of a virginia man who lost a foot to explosive device in central park. why a terrorism task force is now involved. american drivers losing control. in a new poll, millions make startling road rage concessions. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: right now, our entire area is under a heat advisory. as sweltering conditions settle in. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at when we might feel relief from the heat waver. doug: over the weekend we have temperatures to upper 80's to 90. that is the best to cool it down. right now "cool" is not a word we used unless you're inside with air conditioning. heat advisory for metro, south, east, northeast because of the high temperatures. air temperatures. high dew point temperatures yielding feels like numbers over 100 degrees in spots. the air temperature is 95 at
5:00 pm
reagan national. 95 in baltimore. still feeling like triple digits like 101 is the current heat indiction reported at the reagan national airport. 103 in fredericksburg. feels like 107 in leesburg. on the shore, not far from the bay, 105 in easton. doppler radar will leave you with this. the best chance of showers but they are diminishing through charles county. more in the area south of fredericksburg. that will diminish as well. keep an eye farther west. there are a number of storms across west virginia and maybe later tonight we could have isolated shower or storm. in the short term, hot and humid. that is an understatement. alison: it is. there are cooling centers opening up around the area to help you keep cool. see a list of them at the website leon: now we turn to a developing story out of new york where the explosion that injured a virginia student in central park may not


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